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Bijzondere post tijdens de coronatijd! Angelina Troitskaia, een van de Russische leerlingen die deelnam aan het uitwisselingsprogramma van het Novalis College met school #20 in Pskov schreef ons over haar ervaringen in Rusland.

The main tool Russia is certain to use, is preventing. The first step for our Regional authority, for example, was to close the Pskov State University for public lectures and events, then all educational institutions became closed. Online studying was supposed to be held since the middle of March but we got the access to the online platform only two weeks later. So nobody was happy about the online learning))))

Speaking about the whole country, we didn't have quarantine mode in Russia, officially. Regions were allowed to make decisions about the measures themselves based on the situation in the region.The borders of Russia have been closed since the 30th of March. Moscow and Saint-Peterburg were in lockdown, it wasn't possible to get in or out of the city. In the Pskov region we got some recommendations to keep social distance and remember about self-isolation. All entertainment centres, sport clubs, shopping malls have been closed since March, cafes and restaurants are allowed to offer their service only by delivery or in "take and go" way.

Since the 1st of April till the 11th of May we had so called paid "non-working" days. The government wanted people to stay home as much as possible so it was recommended not to go outside without any important reason. Now people who live together (families, couples, friends an so on) can go for a walk but still the distance to other people should be 1,5-3 meters. Only people 18 plus can visit grocery stores using any kinds of masks and gloves. Cildren under 18 are allowed to go outside only from noon until 8 pm by one or in pairs. Of course, all public events, concerts are cancelled for now. The exams in the secondary school are cancelled as well, the final high school exams will be held but 1 month later and students can take exams that are necessary for applying to university.

I can't say we got lots of free time in university, especially the last weeks, but I had enough time for working on some interesting projects and planning my next trip to the Netherlands! Of course, I also had these 4 steps of acceptance quarantine: monitoring the statistics of the corona, then becoming a healthy sporty girl , after that some cooking courses on the Internet (haha I am talking about a chocolate cake with some chocolate in chocolate) and the last one - watching series and movies. Also I found learning languages in my free time quite fun! I hope we will be able to travel and see one another soon!

By Angelina Troitskaia, participant International Exchange Novalis College Eindhoven and school#20 in Pskov


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